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Mountain Hiking in Uganda

Mountain hiking in Uganda has become a craze of recent and you should join the wagon. Uganda and parts of Africa thousands of years ago experienced a lot of volcanic activity along the East African Rift Valley. This left a miscellany of high peaks and beautiful scenery.

Uganda is a land of hills, valleys, picturesque planes, and Mountains offering the most unforgettable hiking experiences.

Compared to other hiking destinations in Africa, the beautiful warm weather and spectacular scenery makes mountain hiking in Uganda a unique and most rewarding experience of all.

There are hiking trails that accommodate even the inexperienced mountain hikers while the experienced hikers will meet perhaps their most exiting challenge in climbing to the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Enjoy the unforgettable Hiking Experience on Uganda’s steep mountains such as Rwenzori Mountain, Mt. Elgon and Mount Mgahinga. Hiking one of these mountains is a test of character, strength, and an accomplishment.

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